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MegaCityCopter is a open world helicopter simulator with arcade controls set in a enormous city with survivor aspects.

This is a alpha build, without the career stuff and most of the missions. The only features working in this build is:

- Exploring to find accessories and bonus. ( wood boxes spread in the industrial island)
- Time Trial Racing with only 2 races. ( green clocks spinig, one in the harbor, and the other on the top of a building )

The game is already green lighted on Steam and will be released as early-access this year.

This game is made by only one person. Me. So do not expect super fast responses, and updates. Also the game is not supposed to be free in the final form, just this Alpha version is freeware, as a attempt to receive feed back from players.

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Check more updates in www.megacitycopter.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MegaCityCopter
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/megacitycopter

Please comment your ideas or report about bugs. Give us your feedback.

Published May 15, 2017
StatusIn development
Tagshelicopter, Open World, simulator


MegaCityCopter Alpha.zip 112 MB

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Hey, its me again. You still have not sent me the game so, what's going on?

Btw, can you rate this drawing? 

Hi there, I am sorry but big changes were made and the game got delayed. I will send you the copy first hand, but for now several new features were added, and it is very buggy.

Very cool drawing. Thanks for the support.

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Hello again. Thanks for your feedback for my drawing. I told you, I don't want a Steam Key. I had a problem with my Steam Account but a Steam Key is now ok for me.

Good luck with the Development!

Also, the drawing I showed you, is made at a Website owned by my friend: http://weavesilk.com/

I worked with him to make it, it's a website where you can make cool symmetrical Drawings!

Hello again. Do you know when the early access will be released?

Very soon, few weeks. Will send you a copy first handed.

Ok. Thank you.

Hey, Just letting you know, I changed my username from Lorema10 to this one because I love this Game!

Hi Lorema, reply your e-mail and later i send you the link and a steam key. Thanks

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No Steam key if Possible.

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A little Bug Report: Sometimes, when you hop into a helicopter it glitches and then explodes. (Windows)

Second: So, does that mean you're gonna send the game to me?!

Thírd: If that is correct, how will you send it to me?

Well, do you mean with early access, still itch.io right?

Yes , itch.io and Steam


When will you update this very awesome game?

Hi there, the early access version will be released soon. Thank you.

Thank you for your answer!

This game never gets old! And where is the plane out of the mission?

Thank you. Well, that plane is not unlocked in this alpha version. Good to hear you like the game. What is your favorite part?

Well, my favourite part is just to play around! Sometimes i just do it like the president is on the helicopter and I'm bringing him to his tower (Trump Tower= Biggest Tower)!

Thank you for your reply. 

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Bug Reports (On Windows build 0.1 pre-apha): - decreasing screen resolution, (in my case from 1366x768 to 1024x768 or 800x600) the main options/controls/load/save.... menù elements (buttons and text) become progressively smaller (and nearly unreadable);

- "Save" main menù button is functional before starting/loading a new game;

- When the "Day Review: check your profit for today" pops out, mouse pointer remain hidden and inactive, so it's impossible to click "Close" button (nor Esc key closes that message);

- While flying, the blue arrow pointing to some point of interest/destination sometimes disappear (indipendentely of the helicopter);

- In a time trial challenge (at night), if I destroy my copter before the end, then, after manually loading the last saved game (without first exit the program), I noticed that many of the remainig ring-checkpoint are still visible (from the crash point on), and some helicopters keep  flying trough them. If I then re-try the time-trial challenge, the new generated checkpoints are all green until I reach the previus crash point, and many "fear notification" pops out randomly;

Thanks for the attention.

Thank you so much for the feed back. Very precise info. Some was know bugs. But several new.  Really appreciate. Do you like the concept of the game? And what you think would be the best focus to the game development ahead? Thank you again.

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In my opinion, there is something about your approach in showing the flying through a big city with an helicopter, in terms of graphics/audio/ physics, that evokes a particular sense of freedom (especially at night). The idea of a copter-driver job (but not necessarily only as taxy driver) it's new and could be explored through many game modes: a would prefer a free-carreer-mode/build-your-own-company experience (without a fixed or semi-scripted storyline). In these game types, usually are audio/physics and logics that really keeps the gamer attention hight. However a more study in deep of procedural detail generation, random events (for instance in passengers/clients interaction) and a movie-like graphics enhancements (in terms of lights, colors, textures and environment dynamics in sky and ground) could take this game to a new level of entertainment, where it's like you're discovering something new every time you play.

For what concerns time trials challenges, maybe they can be integrated in the taxy job itself: for instance, some passenger may need a fast run towards his destination, but for some reason you can't flight where you want (and so you're forced to fly even between buildings as fast as possible).

I hope you'll find the right alchemy in mixing all these elements (and/or finding new better ones)!.

Thanks for your attentions.

Thank you. Very good ideas. I will have a good look on the possibilities.  A lot of work to do. Thanks